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Bad Credit Car Loans: Maryland (MD)

Over 1 out of 4 borrowers have struggled with bad credit scores.

Although almost all banking companies demand outstanding credit histories, there are loan companies and dealerships in Maryland that finance poor credit ratings.

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Key Points: MD Bad Credit Auto Loans

You need to purchase a low-cost car or truck with payments of an amount that’s around one-tenth of your income per month. Try not to be captivated by long-lasting car loans that help you invest in a higher-end vehicle than what you really require. Doing so could quite possibly ruin your credit history. Devoting not more than one-tenth of your per month pay is very important.

Calculating the amount you should invest in your car or truck is not difficult. Annual income x .10 x 4 years

The following is a sample based on average numbers for Maryland buyers:

  • Salary Yearly: $48,241
  • Wages Monthly: $4,020
  • Preferred Payment: $402
  • Auto Price: $19,296

Recall, these statistics do not offer up interest fees.

Subprime Car Loan Lenders: Maryland (MD)

Listed below is a list of Maryland subprime car loan companies and car lots who are able to provide auto loans for people with bad credit in Maryland.