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5 Surprising Car Insurance Discounts

Have you ever looked at your car insurance bill and wondered how you are going to get it paid this month? You are not alone. It is illegal to go without coverage, but it is hard to afford that coverage. The best thing you can do is make the coverage as affordable as possible. Here […]

Used Car Prices Rising Says Kelley Blue Book

Kelley Blue Book is warning those thinking about entering the used car market that prices are a rising. The venerable car price guide said that buyers will pay up to 5 percent more in March than they would have paid at the year’s dawn. The used car market has had an odd start in 2012. […]

Why A Certified Used Car Makes Sense With Subprime Credit

If you need a car and need to finance it with a bad credit auto loan, a certified used car may be the best option you have. A certified used car makes sense in several ways. The first is that the car has met mileage and age limits to be considered for certification. That means […]

10 Most Affordable Cars For Those With Bad Credit

Getting a bad credit auto loan is all about how affordable the car you want to buy is. It goes to the debt to income ratio that a subprime lender looks at before approving or denying a subprime auto loan. Here are the cars that are most affordable in August based on MSRP after rebates […]

Gas Prices Cause Your SUV To Depreciate Faster

You have probably noticed the large number of affordable SUVs on dealer’s lots of late. The prices on some of these vehicles might make you do a double take and wonder what kind of problems the thing has. Most of them are so cheap because of the price at the gas pump. It may not […]

Missouri Cracking Down On Extended Warranty Scams

Missouri has been described by one industry group as ”becoming a hotbed for deceptive direct mail and telemarketing campaigns” related to extended warranties. These companies will inundated a used car buyer with offers of extended warranties that are presented as covering nearly anything that might go wrong with the car, but actually cover very little […]

Mazda Total Advantage: Boon For Bad Credit Buyers?

Are you wondering how a maintenance program from a manufacturer could possible help people who need a bad credit auto loan? Well, hang on, here comes the explanation. One issue that has repeatedly led to slow or late payments as well as repossessions is expensive car repairs. Frequently, if a repair is too expensive to […]

5 Dealer Practices That Scream Predatory

Predatory car dealers are still out there. These entities are not always easy to spot. Here are five things that should scream ”predatory practices” to everyone. Dealer kickbacks. Many dealers have a preferred lender. That is because the lender will allow them to add a few interest points to your loan. Secure your own financing […]