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Used Car Prices Rising Says Kelley Blue Book

Kelley Blue Book is warning those thinking about entering the used car market that prices are a rising. The venerable car price guide said that buyers will pay up to 5 percent more in March than they would have paid at the year’s dawn. The used car market has had an odd start in 2012. […]

Why A Certified Used Car Makes Sense With Subprime Credit

If you need a car and need to finance it with a bad credit auto loan, a certified used car may be the best option you have. A certified used car makes sense in several ways. The first is that the car has met mileage and age limits to be considered for certification. That means […]

Captives Taking Lead In Auto Finance Industry-Wide Recovery

A few aspects of the American economy are showing life. Retail sales of new cars and light trucks are climbing and, along with them, auto financing. This upsurge is much stronger with captive lenders, in particular subprime auto loan companies, because they suffered the most losses during the recent recession. A recent Equifax report really […]

How To Prevent Repossession During Unemployment

There has been some good news coming out of the lending industry of late. Car loan originations are increasing and the number of delinquencies are moving downward. Even when news is generally good, there can be a downside. While overall delinquencies are down, the number of people seeking assistance from their lenders to prevent delinquencies […]

Could Automated Underwriting Work In The Subprime Lending Industry?

A few years ago some banks began underwriting loans based on data accumulated and evaluated by a computer. It works fairly well for people with good credit, but doesn’t seem to work with subprime loans. Why? Good credit loans do not require a computer to interpret anything. A person’s credit score meets a set of […]

Increased Incentives Could Equal Increased Subprime Auto Loans

Kelley Blue Book (KBB) is predicting an increase in incentive offers from all major automakers in the United States. The lower selling prices that will result from these incentives should allow more buyers with poor credit to get approved for new car loans. How is that, you may ask. Subprime auto loans are often only […]

Subprime Loans On The Rise Again

Irresponsible subprime lending is often blamed for the credit crisis that our country is just now emerging from. The fallout caused many lending institutions to tighten lending requirements, cutting off those bad credit loans. They are beginning to reemerge. Subprime borrowers accounted for 40.8% of the loans originated in the second quarter of 2011, up […]

10 Most Affordable Cars For Those With Bad Credit

Getting a bad credit auto loan is all about how affordable the car you want to buy is. It goes to the debt to income ratio that a subprime lender looks at before approving or denying a subprime auto loan. Here are the cars that are most affordable in August based on MSRP after rebates […]

Gas Prices Cause Your SUV To Depreciate Faster

You have probably noticed the large number of affordable SUVs on dealer’s lots of late. The prices on some of these vehicles might make you do a double take and wonder what kind of problems the thing has. Most of them are so cheap because of the price at the gas pump. It may not […]

Documents To Have On Hand When Applying For Second Chance Auto Loans

Lenders who specialize in subprime auto loans will admit that they require more paperwork and documentation than traditional lending institutions. These extra documents, call stipulations, usually include a reference sheet. Typically, you will need six references. These references can be family, friends, or work acquaintances. In addition to their name, you will have to furnish […]