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Why Your Business Needs an App

How many apps do you have on your smartphone? Ten, twenty, fifty? Is your business one of those apps? Seriously, does your business have a mobile app? It might be a bit of a shocker to you, but did you know that about 86 percent of a smartphone users time is spent in apps? If […]

5 Surprising Car Insurance Discounts

Have you ever looked at your car insurance bill and wondered how you are going to get it paid this month? You are not alone. It is illegal to go without coverage, but it is hard to afford that coverage. The best thing you can do is make the coverage as affordable as possible. Here […]

Most Expensive Car Crash Ever: $30 Million Ferrari

Think back to the last time you crashed your car. What did it cost to repair? A few thousand maybe. How would you like to be the person who crashed into a $30 million Ferrari? Not just any Ferrari either. There were only 39 Ferrari 250 GTOs built between 1962 and 1964. Last week an […] Gives $400 Million to…

When , the internet’s ultimate automotive marketplace, recently borrowed $400 million, folks got to wondering just what the online juggernaut was up to. Some sort of expansion perhaps, people thought, or, a purchase of a rival, some good old fashioned marketing, or research and development.  Nope, no, and uh-uh. Autotrader borrowed this money to […]

Sluggish Sales in Europe a Downer for VW

Bleeding over the positive sale numbers Volkswagen is enjoying in the U.S. and China, dropping sales in Europe, the German automaker’s largest market, is bad news for the maker of the Beetle. Though its total year-over-year sales from the fourth quarter 2010/11 to the same quarter 2011/12 was up by six percent, sales in its […]

Refinance Market is Booming—in Autos

That’s right, the latest trend in refinance has nothing to do with mortgages.  Rather, the downward slope in auto finance rates has meant that on average, consumers pay about a percentage point less in interest on a new car loan or refinance deal. But it doesn’t make sense for everyone.  New car dealerships are offering […]

America’s Auto Lenders to be Ranked Online at Auto Finance Big Wheels

The website,, is accepting 2011 electronic submissions from auto financers so that they can be included in the website’s rankings of the country’s auto loan providers. Big Wheels says that the deadline for submissions is March 9. The Auto Finance Big Wheels ranking of regular and subprime car loan lenders is a respected listing. […]

Should Auto Lenders Pay to Be Tweeted About?

As the various forms of social media become more and more important to business success, auto lenders are going to be forced to come up with new ways to compete. One of these may be the paid tweet. The paid tweet is already being used by at least some businesses. Kim Kardashian makes a good […]

Predatory Lending Practices Continue in Used Car Lots

As car dealers nationwide prepare for a banner year in 2012 in terms of new car sales, there is another group of auto dealers that also expect a windfall this year:  “buy here, pay here” dealerships.  Unlike traditional dealerships, which offer subprime auto loans through third party lenders, a buy here, pay here dealership offers […]