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5 Surprising Car Insurance Discounts

Have you ever looked at your car insurance bill and wondered how you are going to get it paid this month? You are not alone. It is illegal to go without coverage, but it is hard to afford that coverage. The best thing you can do is make the coverage as affordable as possible. Here are a few little known discounts that may help you lower your car insurance bill.

  1. Add an after-market anti-theft device.
  2. Buy a car that thieves do not want. The FBI publishes a list of the most stolen cars each year. Avoid buying one of those cars.
  3. Be a beta tester. Auto insurance companies test new technologies from time to time and often offer discounts for participating in the testing process.
  4. Carpooling can lower your rates on two fronts. Some insurers offer discounts for the carpool itself. Also, if you let your insurer install an infometric (something like Progressive’s Snapshot deal), you can get a discount for driving fewer miles.
  5. Lastly, consider raising your deductible.

Hopefully, these tips can provide a way for you to get a handle on your insurance premiums.  Remember, most subprime auto lenders require you to have your vehicle insured before they will finance it.  In fact, many require full coverage.