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Why A Certified Used Car Makes Sense With Subprime Credit

If you need a car and need to finance it with a bad credit auto loan, a certified used car may be the best option you have.

  • A certified used car makes sense in several ways. The first is that the car has met mileage and age limits to be considered for certification. That means a lower mileage, late model vehicle.
  • Next, the car has been completely inspected by an ASE certified master mechanic and all issues have been repaired.
  • Third, the cars, after certification, can be sold with an extended factory warranty. Lastly, though certified cars will cost more than a non-certified car, they are still less expensive than a new car, helping them to qualify for bad credit loans more easily.

The biggest stumbling block for many who need a subprime auto loan is the higher price of the certified used car compared to a non-certified one. Since bad credit auto loans require a down payment of 15% or more, many people find the non-certified cars more accessible. Ultimately, if you do some background research on a non-certified car, you may still get a reliable car.

In the final rinse, buying a certified used car with subprime credit may come down to a personal finance decision. If you buy a non-certified used car, get a vehicle history report and have the car checked over by an ASE mechanic to protect yourself.